When Are You Most Fertile?

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The best time to get pregnant is four days before and four days after ovulation. Ideally, you should have sex every other day around the time of planned conception, so you have sperm in your womb but don’t allow your partner to run out of good-quality sperm. Sperm will live for between two and five days inside a woman and can last even longer, especially if you imagine them doing so.

Your egg, your womb, the sperm, and embryo all know what to do. The egg knows when to leave the follicle, and as it travels down the fallopian tube, it gives off a very powerful chemical in the surrounding fluid to draw the right sperm to it. The sperm also know exactly what to do. They are programmed to travel towards the egg and to break through the shell so conception can take place. The fertilised egg then begins a five-day journey from the fallopian tube to the womb, and when it gets there, it knows how to attach itself and bury itself into the womb lining so that implantation takes place and the embryo is fastened securely into the womb lining, where it develops for nine months. The more you can see this, imagine it, and focus on it, the more likely you are to get pregnant. Your thoughts and images are giving clear instructions from your mind to your body telling it what you expect and need it to do. We know that our thoughts have absolute consequences and real physical effects on our bodies.

I work with many fathers-to-be, and I tell them to imagine their sperm as super swimmers-the Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps of sperm. They imagine a special squad of two hundred sperm, like super elite corps, the SAS of sperm, doing a perfect job of fertilisation. If they have been told they don’t have enough sperm or have poor quality sperm, then we imagine the sperm increasing in quality and quantity, since the body changes all the time. Sperm, like blood, can be of poor quality but can dramatically improve.

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