How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

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You can easily and effectively programme your mind to increase your chances of getting pregnant. In order to be a mother, you absolutely must be able to see yourself as blissfully, happily pregnant, and then happily raising your child. You can do it with practice, and if you take just five minutes a day, every day, to visualise yourself as a happy, relaxed, and a capable mother, you are raising your chances of becoming one.

Scientists in America and Europe have proved that visualisation techniques dramatically impact our bodies. When you see yourself as pregnant, you send a clear message to your brain that affects your energy levels, your hormones, and your motivation. These changes cause physical sensations, which in turn affect your thoughts and feelings, which then reinforce the mental programming. Thinking positively about conception and pregnancy can activate particular neurons in the brain, which secrete hormones such as endogenous opiates, which make us feel good about ourselves. Negative thoughts have the opposite effect.

Particular neurons are involved with producing negative thoughts, and they also produce negative hormones, such as cortisol, a stress hormone that leads to feelings of anxiety…one of nature’s forms of birth control. While forming different pictures in your mind, you must also eliminate every possible negative word and focus only on what you wish to achieve, which is to have your baby. Keep your mind on what you want; ‘I want a baby’, and off what you don’t want. Whatever you focus on, you will move towards, so focusing on not conceiving, or having a miscarriage, simply puts negative words and images back into your mind. We all have an imagination, or we would never worry, or respond to scary images on the television, so we can all visualise.

I frequently meet clients who say things like: ‘I can’t imagine things,’ or ‘I’m just no good at visualisation.’ I say to them, ‘That’s great! You must never worry about anything, ever.’ ‘Oh, but I do,’ they say, and I respond, ‘How can you worry if you can’t imagine or visualise?’ How do you find your car when you return to the car park if you don’t have an ability to visualise where you parked it hours earlier?

If you practice skills of visualisation and combine them with programming the subconscious mind, you will get much better results.
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