The images and thoughts you have about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood will have a negative or positive effect on getting pregnant. Many of these thoughts and beliefs are subconscious, but you can still change them when trying to get pregnant. Changing our thinking causes changes both mentally and physically. We can actually change our biochemistry, once we know how. When you are making physical changes, such as when weight training for strength, the more effort you put in, the better and quicker the results. When you are making mental changes and altering your thinking, the opposite applies. You don’t have to work or push yourself; in fact, you don’t need to make a huge effort at all.

Inducing mental changes is quite the opposite of the ‘no pain, no gain’ theory. As long as you are open to the possibility of changing your thinking, you will be successful and get pregnant. Thoughts can be adjusted in seconds-even thoughts we may have held for years including not wanting to get pregnant. If humans were not already programmed to change our thinking as second nature, we would still be living as primitive people. C. S. Lewis said ‘We are what we believe,’ and it is so true. Our beliefs affect everything, including what we do, where we go, the kind of jobs and friends we have, and can even stall women who are trying to get pregnant. Our bodies literally respond to our thoughts and beliefs, so if you think ‘I’m too old to get pregnant,’ your mind and body will accept this, literally. The hormones needed to make you conceive are released in the brain and influenced by the way we think and the way we feel, so negative emotions and beliefs can disrupt them.

The strongest force in every human being is that the body has to match what it is thinking. You can use your mind to improve the quality of your eggs and to help you to produce a perfect grade-A premium egg that will draw perfect sperm towards it and result in a perfect pregnancy.

Another very strong force in the human psyche is that nothing in our lives will influence us more than the things we link to pain and pleasure. Humans are ruled by these phenomena and it’s no exception when trying to get pregnant. When we experience pain the brain searches very hard for the cause of it and then stores that information and does everything to ensure we don’t go through that experience again. Similarly when we experience pleasure the brain searches for the cause of it and stores that information, too. For example, if you are shaken by a pregnancy scare and are then delighted to find you were not pregnant, this thought process can still influence you many years later.

The good news is that humans can choose what to link pain and pleasure to. It is both a major advantage and an equal disadvantage. When you associate absolute pleasure with being pregnant and having a baby it’s an advantage. If your mind links pain to the thought of giving birth or losing your figure after having a baby, it can work against you.

So what can you do to change the way that you think? Well, with my Get Pregnant Programme I can teach you how to create the right mindset, the right visualisation and the right language to help you increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally and easily. To find out more about how my technique can help you, please click here.


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