If you are suffering from infertility or secondary infertility it is worth considering that your mind can disrupt your fertility. Science has proven that our subconscious thoughts and beliefs about pregnancy, birth and raising children can block our ability to get pregnant because of conscious and unconscious fears. With a higher infertility rate in the western world that is not replicated in the East or in the animal kingdom we are beginning to recognise that infertility can be more mental than physical. Spending too long trying not to get pregnant or worrying about a second pregnancy can block the brain when you finally decide to get pregnant. Trying not to get pregnant for years or worrying about how you will raise your child can be the greatest handicap to becoming pregnant.

Unexplained infertility is just that – unexplained – there is no medical reason for the infertility, you have perfectly good eggs clear tubes a healthy womb and the right hormones yet you are not conceiving. I am convinced that you don’t get pregnant when you relax; you actually get pregnant when you are expecting a baby, not wishing or hoping, but expecting, knowing, believing, and seeing that baby on its way to you. This is why couples in the process of adoption often conceive and why many couples conceive naturally after a successful IVF baby.

Our bodies literally respond to our thoughts and to our beliefs, so if you think ‘I’m too old to get pregnant’ or ‘I’m too stressed to get pregnant’ or even if you worry about whether you can afford another baby, your mind and body will accept this literally. Changing our thinking can make changes both mentally and physically because the hormones needed to make pregnancy possible are released in the brain and are influenced by the way we think and the way we feel, so negative emotions can disrupt them.

Worrying about IVF and focusing on the low statistics is very detrimental. My programme can help you to change the way you think. In fact, I am so certain that my Get Pregnant Programme can help you to conceive that I personally guarantee the process. Find out more about my Get Pregnant Programme here.