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1. Overview Of Marisa’s Techniques
2. Creating The Right Mindset

In this video Marisa explains how she has developed her technique which has helped many women to get pregnant. Marisa also discusses what could be preventing many women from getting pregnant.

Marisa tells you why changing your mindset can get you pregnant. Marisa also explains in this video how and why linking pain to pregnancy in the past may be stopping you from getting pregnant now.
3. Using The Right Visualisation
4. Improving Your Diet

In this video Marisa discusses why it is so important to visualise your baby and tells you how you can do this.

Marisa explains how your diet could be stopping you getting pregnant. She also tells you in this video what the best pre-conception and pregnancy diet is.

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Video Library

Module 1 – Baby Steps

Marisa welcomes you onto the program and talks you through how the program is going to help you to change your thinking in order to get pregnant. Marisa also gives you some practical advice to get pregnant fast which she will add to throughout these videos.

Training Video & Exercise 1 – Bucket And Balloon Test

The purpose of this first video is to change your thinking as the body must match the thoughts you are thinking. Every thought you have has a physical effect on your body as you will see from this video. The more you can think about and visualise a perfect pregnancy the more you are likely to make it happen.

Exercise 2 – Magnet Test

Marisa explains in this video why seeing is believing when it comes to getting pregnant and having a perfect pregnancy and tells you how you can do this for yourself. She also demonstrates a practical way in which you can see first-hand how your thoughts affect your body.

Exercise 3 – Changing Negative Thoughts To Positive Ones

In the final video from Baby Steps Marisa, using herself as an example, explains why having any doubts about getting pregnant can prevent you from getting pregnant. She also tells you how you too can turn negative thoughts into positive ones and have your perfect pregnancy and perfect baby just like she did.

Module 2 – Misconceptions
Main Training – Changing Your Body By Changing Your Beliefs

Marisa explains the difference between a thought and a belief and tells you how you can change a belief (even one held for a long time). Marisa also gives you some examples of people who have gone on to have babies despite being told they were too old or would not be able to get pregnant and subsequently have changed medical beliefs.

Exercise 1 – Turning Negative Beliefs To Positive

The purpose of Misconceptions is to change your belief system since changing your beliefs can actually change your biochemistry and make and keep you super fertile. In this video Marisa demonstrates an exercise to show you how your beliefs affect your body and tells you how to change negative beliefs to positive ones.

Module 3 – Baby Talk
Main Training & Exercise 1 – Loss Vs Gain

In this video Marisa talks you through the language you need to use in order to get pregnant and tells you how you can use the opposite of the negative language you were using. Marisa also explains why turning words of loss into words of gain will make sure you get pregnant.

Exercise 2 – Words That Increase And Decrease Your Fertility

Marisa shows you a physical exercise that you can do which shows how much your language can affect your body. In this video she explains how simply saying words like “I’m super fertile with grade A premium eggs,” can make you get pregnant while negative words and even thinking them can dramatically weaken your body and stop you from getting pregnant.

Exercise 3 – Replacing Negative Words With Positive Ones

In an exercise Marisa shows you how words like “I’m trying for a baby” or “I’m hoping or dreaming of getting pregnant” could actually be stopping you from getting pregnant because they are a misdirecting comment. She helps you to overcome any misdirection’s to only have positive words and thoughts which will guarantee that you get pregnant.

Module 4 – Baby Rules
Main Training – Rules Of The Mind As They Apply To Fertility

The purpose of Baby Rules is to show you how all humans are programmed to move towards pleasure and away from pain. In this video Marisa explains that our mind often holds subconscious thoughts of pain to having a baby and being a parent that we are consciously unaware of and gives some examples.

Module 5 – See My Baby
Main Training – Seeing Your Baby

Marisa takes you through one of the most important things you have to do to get pregnant – visualise. In this video she explains why it is so important to see your baby living with you, buying things for your baby and know that a baby is on its way for you.

Module 6 – Baby Love
Main Training – How To Compose Your Own Unique Powerful Script That Will Activate Changes In Your Fertility

Marisa tells you how you can create your own unique powerful script that will activate changes in your fertility. Marisa’s scripts include detailed biological information which is explained to you in this video. The scripts command your body to get pregnant and Marisa explains how this works in practise.

Module 7 – Baby Goals and Baby Affirmations
Video 1 – Baby Affirmations

In this video Marisa explains how you can make an affirmation (statement of truth) work for you. Marisa tells you how to counter any objections or hidden resistance you have to thinking I will get pregnant immediately. She also tells you how you can become a living/walking/talking expression of your positive affirmation to get pregnant.

Module 8 – Baby Foods
Video 1 – Baby Foods

In this video Marisa talks you through the foods and supplements that can increase ovulation, conception, embryo implantation, full term pregnancy and your babies development. You will also find out the foods and supplements that can increase sperm development, sperm motility and sperm quantity. Marisa gives some general tips to improve your health and get pregnant fast.

Module 9 – Baby Tunes
Video 1 – Making Your Baby Board

In this video Marisa tells you more about her experiences of working with women from all over the world. She explains how music and having your own songs during the IVF procedure or early stages of pregnancy can help you to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

Module 10 – Checklist
Video 1 – Checklist

In this video Marisa re-caps on all of the videos you have watched so far. The mind learns by repetition so don’t skip this video it will help to reinforce all of the information you have received in order to get pregnant and stay pregnant.
Marisa’s easy to use workbook talks you through the Trying To Get Pregnant Video Library step by step and helps to reinforce the techniques and strategies you will learn. It highlights points you need to remember, gives you action steps to take along the way and also acts as a notebook for you to use as you watch the videos.


Trying to Get Pregnant (and Succeeding) eBook
Using powerful hypnotic language throughout, Marisa’s Trying to Get Pregnant (and Succeeding) book allows you to improve your own fertility just by reading it. If you want to have a baby the most important tool to boost your fertility is your mind, and the 10-step programme Marisa discusses in the book will help you to get pregnant and have a healthy, happy baby.



Conception and IVF Conception

This audio takes you through having an easy conception – whether you are trying to conceive naturally or via IVF.

Perfect Pregnancy

This audio helps you to understand how your mind can influence your body to create the perfect environment that will give you a successful, comfortable and rewarding pregnancy.

Hypnotic Birth

This download shows you how to use the power of your mind to allow you to stay relaxed and happy during the birth so it is a pleasant and happy experience. You can lessen the sensations whilst speeding up the birth so it is all much easier.


Email Support
Marisa’s on-going Email Support will enable you to contact Marisa whenever you have a question or a query about the Get Pregnant Programme – or you can email her whenever you simply need to talk through your situation and she will be there to support you. It’s almost like having Marisa there in the room with you, every step of the way!


Diet Planner
Marisa’s Diet planner gives you a clearly illustrated menu for a week. The diet planner has been tailored to boost your fertility and includes all of the nutrients and supplements you need in order to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

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