An organic diet free from additives, preservatives, and chemicals—especially artificial sweetener—can boost fertility when you are trying to get pregnant. Swap cups of tea for herbal tea without milk. Cut out cheese and butter, and use olive oil instead. Look for organic feta and halloumi cheeses (made from goat’s and sheep’s milk) as these do not impact your hormones in the same way as cheeses made from cow’s milk. If you have any dairy produce, try to have organic as much as possible. Dairy cattle, which are not organically raised, are given antibiotics and growth hormones as part of their regular feed, which you are ingesting second-hand, and these can disrupt and upset your own hormones. All animal hormones can affect your own hormone balance are an important factor when considering how to get pregnant. Organic produce contains significantly fewer animal and synthetic hormones.

Good quality protein is essential for trying to conceive, and you need to eat enough protein in the form of organic eggs, chicken, fish, lean meat, lentils, nuts, and seeds. The body can’t store protein because it is a required building food, so you should eat it regularly during conception, pregnancy, and whilst breast-feeding. Pay attention to the type and amount of protein in your diet; to get pregnant fast you don’t need a lot, but you do need it regularly. I would also recommend that you eat foods with plenty of vitamin B as they are very important for conception and during pregnancy. Vegans who are having trouble conceiving may need to temporary change their diet as they’re missing some essential B vitamins like B12 which can only be found in animal products. Oily fish is better for you than large fish as it has less Mercury which can be harmful to you in pregnancy. I would recommend small oily fish like mackerel, wild salmon and sardines at least twice a week while you are trying to conceive and pregnant.

A simple way to eat in order to help to get pregnant is to have eggs for breakfast—a three-egg omelette with spinach is ideal—or oats with added nuts and seeds to increase good protein. Lunch and dinner should be chicken, fish, or meat, with vegetables and/or salad. Snacks should be nuts, seeds, and fruit.

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